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  • What can be done
    with SoundUD?
    SoundUD is an audio transmission technology that can be used with regular speakers. By connecting spots that have audio and special news or services with the customers visiting those spots, information can be transmitted smoothly.
  • What can be done with SoundUD?

    SoundUD can be linked with different services and information. An audio transmission license is available for planning various services, founded on a universal design transformation through displaying multilingual audio information on smartphones.

Universal design transformation allowing multilingual information support

  • Announcement transcription

    Information from announcements playing on public transportation and at facilities can be displayed as text on smartphones.
  • Audio Guide in smartphone applications

    A multilingual audio guide function is available through set-up and access via the smartphone application, for places such as museums.
  • Subtitles for entertainment

    Dialogues and commentary for movies and plays can be displayed in real time as text on smartphones.
  • Simultaneous multilingual interpretation at international conferences

    At international conferences, the words of the speaker can be converted into text, and the translation can also be instantly displayed as text on smartphones.
  • Provision of facility information

    Information that visitors want to know about a location can be provided without them having to search for it on the internet.
  • Transmission of emergency information

    Evacuation routes and disaster information during emergencies can be provided promptly and accurately when necessary.

Audio Transmission License

The core technology of SoundUD, which is standardized by more than 300 corporate bodies, is safe and secure audio transmission.

  • Range management

    As an example, information can be set to be delivered only to those who are in cars, stores, stadiums or venues, or those who are enjoying TV, radio or video sites.
  • Convenient time management

    It is possible to control timing and situations by changing the content provided depending on the time of day or the weather, or providing services only to the visitors and viewers at a given time.
  • Ability for one-to-many transmission

    The same service can be provided to every person at a location at the same time, and the provided content can be changed through application-side management.
  • Device coverage

    Since all a smartphone needs to have is a microphone, a wider range of devices is supported compared to other technologies.
  • No interference with reception

    Information is transmitted using sound rather than radio waves, making it is easy to use with other communication technologies.
  • Safety and security

    SoundUD's audio transmission license is a common standardized technology with numerous patents and patent applications. For your security, please be wary of imitations and similar technologies.

By utilizing the features of audio transmission technology, various services can be created in addition to multilingual support. These are some examples of how it can be used.

  • Content distribution

    Comics and games can be distributed only to those at a specific location, improving services for visitors.
  • Sales & promotions

    Point cards and stamp rallies can be offered as sales promotion methods to visitors of a store.
  • Touchless authentication

    Touchless authentication can be performed for entrance tickets and smartphone payment systems.
  • Advertisement integration

    Advertising can be linked with existing advertisements hanging on trains, outdoor advertisements such as signage and TV commercials.
Convenient tools to utilize the audio transmission technology license are provided exclusively to members of the SoundUD Consortium.
  • SoundUD-compatible modules, management screens

    • Circuit board design / firmware
    • Software modules
      (Linux,Android,Windows Embedded,μITRON)
    • Content management screen

  • Reception SDK (development kit)

    • iOS version SoundUD Reception SDK
      (iOS9 and above)
    • Android version SoundUD Reception SDK
      (Android4.4 and above)
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