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  • About the SoundUD Consortium

    With the increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan, the enforcement of the Disability Discrimination Act and the arrival of an aging society, there is a need for a new means of information provision without information disparity or discrimination.
    The SoundUD Consortium uses SoundUD technology to work together with the public and private sectors in tackling this problem, in every place and every situation, to create a society where there are no concerns related to languages or hearing ability.

  • Japanese-made "sound platform"

    By spreading SoundUD to all industries and building a platform, users will be able to receive standardized information wherever they are.

    Companies and groups who are empathetic to this initiative gather across industries, implementing this “sound platform” to help realize a new Japanese-made universal design.

  • SoundUD's ecosystem for sustainable co-creation and dissemination

    The formation of a sustainable system is a major feature of this consortium, achieved through making SoundUD technology and patents widely available to members, the members themselves becoming players active in joint development for social implementation and by utilizing both sound universal design and new businesses.

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